Wholesale welding center

Authorized distributor of ESAB and Lincoln Electric


  • HEFT - Gazele Biznesu
  • HEFT - Gepard Biznesu
  • HEFT - Znak jakości Lincoln Electric




HEFT - Wholesale Welding Center for over 25 years.

The basic profile of the company's activity is the comprehensive supply of customers with materials and equipment for the welding industry. The company's activity was based on cooperation with renowned domestic producers: Huta Cedler (currently - ARCELOR-MITTAL STEEL concern), Baildon electrodes (now - ESAB concern), SPAWMET (now Lincoln concern), welding equipment manufacturers - OZAS, BESTER, gas equipment manufacturers - PERUN, POMET, manufacturer of abrasives - ANDRE, manufacturer of health and safety equipment - BIELSIN.

Over time, we have expanded our offer by entering into cooperation with foreign producers, such as: ESAB, LINCOLN-BESTER, BÖHLER THYSSEN WELDING, HYUNDAI, GCE, NEDERMAN Group. The fruitful cooperation with the above-mentioned partners has been documented by signing commercial agreements, which enabled our company to continue the dynamic development.

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